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We produce cardboard boxes of various types. Although a relatively young company we have nearly 30 years of experience in the production of cardboard packaging. We are professionals guided by our customers’ needs.

Since its foundation, our company has been associated with the production of cardboard and paper packaging. We are a well-known manufacturer of permanently bonded boxes. Our business focuses on modern solutions in the industry. Precision of the entrusted tasks is of high importance. Thanks to our expertise we advise our customers how to choose suitable packaging solutions for their company. Among our customers are individuals, small companies and large enterprises.

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In our offer you will find flap boxes, die-cut boxes, huge pallet boxes and oversized boxes. Thanks to our flexible range of solutions, each of our customers has a fair amount of choice of products to meet their needs. We are constantly striving to develop our production and systems in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are modernizing our machinery park, production and storage hall so that your orders are processed using the most modern equipment.

Our company is based in Czeczowo in Pomerania, therefore our offer is addressed mainly to customers from Pomerania and the neighbouring provinces. However, we do not limit our activities to this area only. We have customers from all over Poland and Europe. You are welcome to use our services.

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